IV Oil and Gas Production Optimization Workshop – May 26, 2015
  • Scope

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     This 1-day workshop on Production Optimization is the 4th meeting in a series on Production Optimization. The workshop is jointly organized by UFSC, NTNU and Petrobras and will be offered immediately prior to the 2nd IFAC Workshop on Automatic Control in Offshore Oil and Gas Production. 

  • Goal

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    The goal is to present on-going research activities in Production Optimization. There will be presentations from universities and oil companies. Further, there will be ample time for discussion on future and common challenges, as well as research cooperation.

  • Who are invited?

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     IV Oil and Gas Production Optimization Workshop is an open forum, so anyone who is interested in the topics of the forum is invited. To participate please fill in the form on the link below and wait for the confirmation. There are no fees and lunch is included. The number of registrations is limited.
    Registration form link.

    The workshop will be held at the Lecture hall Auditório do EFI (Espaço Físico Integrado), located at the Campus Reitor João David Ferreira Lima as shown in the picture below and in this link.

    Map to EFI

  • Preliminary Program

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    Relevant research at Danish Technical University – DTU, Professor John B. J. Jørgensen


    Relevant research at Carnegie Mellon University – CMU, Professor Ignacio Grossmann


     Coffe Break


    An industry perspective – Petrobras, Alex Teixeira, Manager


     An industry perspective – IBM, Bruno Flach




    Relevant research at Federal University of Santa Catarina – UFSC, Professor Eduardo Camponogara


    Relevant research at NTNU, Professor Bjarne Foss and Professor Sigurd Skogestad


     An industry perspective – TBD


     Wrap up discussion


     Workshop ends